Exhibition at Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires, Argentina. El Centro en Movimiento curated by Rodrigo Alonso.

Title: Filiaciones (Filiations).
Technique: Photo performance. 3 printed photographs.

Dimensions: 1m x 1m.

Year: 2017.


Filiaciones (Filiations)
Video performance, Photo performance & Installation (vintage photographs)


Variable measures



Started as a compilation of photographies from the 1920`s, 30`s, 40`s, 50`s of childern dressed as military. Most part of the collection are argentine photographs taken to kids in argentina`s military uniforms (army and granadier). 

Developed as a performance that proceds in building structures as the main instruction.

How is the building procces?

Who is the builder?

What happens to those constructions?