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Douzo Rocamora

Art lab - Space for contemporary art

In the year 2018 I decided to open an art space as my own artistic project, building it on the idea of networking and art-management. 

The plan was to start this space around the concept of a laboratory space for the arts as well as a contemporary art exhibition site, dedicating the exhibitions and research to the promotion of Japanese art, and at the same time, of multimedia art in Argentina.

During 2018 and 2019 there have been several exhibitions: The very first exhibition was called Recursion, an exhibition by Yasunori Kawamatsu & Nobuyuki Yamamoto, that showed both artists research on identity and memory under the concept of recall-remind. The second exhibition, called Pact of belief, was about the exile of Argentine actors during a military dictatorship in Argentina. 

Both exhibitions were meant to bring to the table the artists social concerns through art.

Over the end of the year I am expecting to have an exhibition on Japanese family objects (nikkei families in Argentina) and an exhibition on performance sound art.

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