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Covacha (Tolderías)

Installation. Canvas with mud, branches, soil, etc.

70'' x 60'' x 60''

2017. (2015 1st edition)

Covacha (refuge)

It started as a research of the old settlements of refuges over the Pampa`s plains in Argentina. Big landscapes of emptiness and national population growth with a great immigration flow.

At the same time, during XIX, military campaigns fought aborigines over these great plains. The remaining population, uncertain or refusing, of their citizenship status, was lead to living in this kind of settlements.

As a draft idea, I wrote:

“I want to build a tent, a trench, a shelter, a hiding place. I want to protect myself. As a child, my father played trenches with his brother, as a young man he went to the Malvinas war; and I feel I am or I was at war.”



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