Title: Wasuremono
Technique: Installation. Objects, pedestals, lightning.

Dimensions: Variable measures

Year: 2018

Art management and curator: Ignacio Chico

忘れ物 - Wasuremono

Lost articles, an exhibition of inherited objects from Japan took place at Douzo Rocamora. A curatorial project by Ignacio Chico and Soledad Uchima, with the special participation of Mami Goda.


Sanshin (property of Martín Niikado) exhibited as one of the nine objects at Douzo Rocamora in 2018.


Obento (property of Sayuri Estefanía Arakaki) and Sazae (property of Soledad Uchima) exhibited as two of the nine objects at Douzo Rocamora in 2018.