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Horacio & Ignacio Chico

Video Performance

18´. Web version 7'






It is a dialogue with my father. We were having a conversation on what I remembered from the stories he used to tell me about the war when I was a kid.

It has developed into interviews to veterans of the Malvinas war: to Rodolfo Hendrickse, a survivor of the sinking of the cruiser General Belgrano (while my father was part of the Navy, as well as Rodolfo, both young midshipman); and Alberto Matsumoto, a veteran who fought at the islands, soldier of the regiment number 6 of Mercedes.

One of the main goals of this piece is to bring information about the war events through each personal glance. 

(conversation) II

Rodolfo Hendrickse, Horacio & Ignacio Chico

Technique: Video Performance, Interview






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