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Video performance

1:30 min web version - 5 min exhibition - 6:32 full version


Achaques (Aches)

In 1991, when I was five years old, my father left the army and with our family, we moved from the countryside to Buenos Aires. Leaving behind my family`s short but deep experience towards military we have begun a new life experience.

In this performance, I am wearing the last suit my father used as a member of the Armada República Argentina, retired as a Frigate Lieutenant.

I find it important to establish that in Argentina´s history the image of a military stepping on a balance is a crucial symbol. It´s the representation of the military on a balance.

Is it about justice? About taking a role in power? Is it about an important decision?


Exhibition at 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Gallery 104), Tokyo, Japan.

Achaques, Video installation, 3 TVs, 2017

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