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Arch (Gate) & Wrestlers. Installation, plaster, wood, bronze, 200cm x 120cm x 30cm, 2022


Ventriloquo. Performance & installation, mud, agony, 2024


Hermitage. Performance & installation, 2021. — Room, mud, woods, green walls, priest uniform, books, pee, shoes, water, fear, depression, odour and exhaustion.


Catacombs. Installation, 2021. — Land, mud, school uniform, branches, roots, shoes, blue backpack, saliva and thoughts about life after death.

Catacombs. Installation, 2021. — Mud, school uniform, blue backpack, saliva and thoughts about life after death.


Pretorium. Oil on canvas, 60cm x 80cm, 2021. 

Lamb. Mud sculpture, 50cm x 100cm x 60cm, 2022


School boys. Painting series. Oil on canvas, variable measures, 2020/22


Covacha (tolderías) / Refuge. Installation, variable measures, 2015-2019.


The burnt of the laurels. Video installation, 2017. — projection over laurels, detail.


Deserter. Video performance and installation, 1h 40min, 2016.


(conversation) Memories of war. Horacio & Ignacio Chico. Performance, 18 min, 2017. — extract.


Conflict/sequence (war photographs). Nine photographs, 8’’ x 10’’, AGFA Color, 1982-2017

No es traje es uniforme.png

“It´s not a suit, it´s a uniform". Video performance, 3min, 2017.


Achaques / aches. Video performance, 7min, 2017.

Ancla 3

La entrega del couteaux. Video performance and photo performance, 6min, 2016.


Filiations (El constructor de ideas). Photo performance & installation (collection of vintage photographs), 2016.

Ancla 5
La tumba de los laureles_3.jpg

The tomb of the laurels. Photo performance & Installation, 2017.

Ancla 1

Arrojos. Video performance, 40 min, 2015. — extract.

Ancla 6

Arrojos Momentum. Wet plate collodion (glass), analogue photography, installation, 14 pieces of 7'' x 9'', 2015 - 17.

Ignacio Chico (1986, Argentina)

I contextualize my practice into transdisciplinary media, establishing two bodies of work.

One project is about my father´s experience as a soldier in Malvina´s war, and the other project is about my mother´s teachings and learnings about psychoanalysis.

My main concerns are filiation and autobiography. 

Filiation Project

I was born in Bahía Blanca in 1986 and during my childhood, I lived in the Military Hotel of Puerto Belgrano in Punta Alta because my father was part of the Argentine Navy (1982 Malvinas War; in 1991 he resigned as a frigate lieutenant accountant).

My socio-political concerns emerged around my childhood and the memory of my father's experience at war. Through performance, the uniform became the territory where I can explore and reflect my character, my obsessions, and idealisms, which characterized the development of my learning stages.

"Friend of psychoanalysis" project

As a child, I attended two Catholic schools until I was 11 years old. Through elementary school catechism, I was taught about the origins of the universe and humanity.

In the following years, my mother became a psychologist. She began to talk to me about Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory and his research on childhood, sexuality, and the unconscious.

My existential concerns emerged around the memory of my religious books readings at school and my mother's teachings on psychoanalysis. The performative interaction with specific uniforms (school, priest) and objects (room, mud) helped me delve into the complexity of thought and my ambivalent mood.

Ignacio Chico

Born 1986 in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.


2022  Master in Contemporary Art Practice, Royal College of Art, UK.

2017  Graduated in Visual Arts in the Universidad Nacional del Arte, Arg.

2015  Courses at School of Visual Arts,f New York, USA.

2014  Courses at Central Saint Martins, London, UK.

Solo Exhibitions

2020  "Covacha, Cathédrale, Momentum", Gachi Prieto Gallery (Patio), Bs. As., Arg.

2017  "A word on war", 3331 Arts Chiyoda (B108), Tokyo, Japan.

2017  "Filiation project: Deserter", 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Gallery 104), Tokyo, Japan.


2021  Proyecto Pozo art residency, Arg.

2017  AIR 3331 Arts Chiyoda Residence Program, Tokyo, Japan.

2016  Proyecto PAC, Gachi Prieto Gallery, Bs. As., Arg.


2019  Bienal Bahía Blanca Acquisition price "Honorable Concejo Deliberante”, 2 Museos.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022  "Menu", Fleisch espacio de arte contemporáneo, Madrid, Spain.

2022  "(...) Forgot to rembember to forget (...)", Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK.

2017  "El Centro en Movimiento", Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016  "Ensayo, Pruebo, Insisto", Panal 361, Bs. As., Argentina.

2016  "13 Ways", School of Visual Arts, New York, USA.

Curatorial practice

2018  忘れ物 supported by Centro Cultural de la Embajada de Japón and the Museo Nacional de Arte Oriental in Argentina.

Art management

2018/19  Douzo Rocamora, Space for contemporary art, Bs. As., Arg.

Workshops & Critics

2019  Specialization in curatorial practice (not finished), UNTREF, Arg. 

2016  Crits with Ananké Asseff, Arg.

2015  Workshop with Lorena Guillén Vasqueti, Arg.

2014  Crits with Andrés Waissman, Arg.

2014  Sculpture at Atelier Saint Fargaux, Paris, France.

2013  Printmaking with Patricio Bosch, Taller Gráca P/A, Arg.

2012  Painting with Domingo Florio, Arg.

2010  Drawing, Escuela Guillermo Roux, Arg.

2009  Painting with Ignacio Sosa, Arg.

2008  Drawing with Josena Di Candia, Arg.

2004  Painting with Laura Messing Studio, Arg.

Other several courses on ceramics, glass, mosaic, temple and oil painting.


2020  Diario Clarín, Arg.

2020  Diario Clarín, Arg.

2019  La Nueva Provincia, Arg.

2017  Art-it, Japan.

2017  Diario La Nación. Arg.

2017  Revista Ramona, Arg.

2016  Revista Ramona, Arg.

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